Fashion Friday & Food: Carrie Bradshaw ‘Romantic’ Style

The modern Carrie look.

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Today’s Fashion Look: The Romantic Style

Years ago, when I was moonlighting as a fashion stylist, I would facilitate short seminars. I categorized women into four categories, primarily using the women from “Sex and the City” as examples. It’s an easy way to figure out what type of dress you prefer–and what you wear well.

The four types are as follows:

The Natural (as depicted by Miranda): Simple lines, natural fabrics, low on accessories, comfortable clothing.

The Classic (as depicted by Charlotte): Pretty, classic, sometimes preppy & structured lines. Pearls and diamonds. Think Audrey Hepburn.

The Romantic (as depicted by Carrie): Flirty, feminine clothes, that match, but are sometimes worn together unexpectedly. Totally girlie.

The Dramatic (as depicted by Samantha): Dramatic, bold hues. Mixes colors, textures & lines. Loves trends and is fashion forward.

I am clearly a Carrie, or Romantic dresser. This is a plus, since I call myself a hopeless romantic, so I should just keep the romance in everything I do, including writing romances. Nevertheless, I’ve collected some of my favorite Carrie Romantic Styles for today’s post.

Are you a Carrie like me?

Elegant Romantic overdoing it with tons of pearls. Oh how I love this look.
Casual Romantic. This makes me mad that I cut my hair. Love the whole happy, carefree thing going on here, with the romance in the blouse with the see-through top and black bra. Would I wear this for real? Not sure, but I love it.
The romantic mismatched floral prints with the black studded belt and those hard-studded black heels. Bliss.

Today’s Food Recipe:

I made it for Thanksgiving, so I thought I’d share this AMAZING recipe. So simple, yet so tasty. It was devoured in minutes.

It comes from none other than Betty Crocker. I promise you won’t be disappointed.

French Apple Pie Recipe…click here.

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