Fiction & Fashion.

fiction & fashion

I’ll keep this brief.


A few years ago a former student of mine challenged me to do a “no repeat” fashion challenge whereby you couldn’t repeat the exact same outfit during the semester on campus. That means, Monday through Friday, each day it has to be different…it cannot be the EXACT same.

I kind of laughed at this because, well, really?

But now, I’m thinking about it.

I love dumb challenges. I love fashion. So, I’m in consideration mode. I’m making no commitment yet, but I’m mulling it over, especially since I’ve done the 31 days of FROCKTOBER to raise awareness for ovarian cancer, so how hard could this really be? The hardest part will be documenting outfits each day. I hate bugging people to take my photo.


As far as the fiction part of this blog post, I’m reading some good stuff (just finishing A Piece of the World by Christina Baker Kline…thumbs up), and I’m in a real groove with my writing.

I feel like I’ve hit my stride in my new work in progress, and the characters are starting to come alive for me. They’re coming into their own, and I’m having fun creating them. It’s tough, as writing is always tough, but I just love it. I love telling stories.

As much as I love fashion.


I love telling stories more than I love fashion.

Do you think I should try the fashion challenge? I’m already knee deep in the fiction challenge.

Thoughts welcome.

As for the novel, I’ll keep you posted on my progress.




Stephanie Verni is the author of Beneath the Mimosa Tree, Baseball Girl, Inn Significant, The Postcard and Other Short Stories & Poetry, and an academic textbook Event Planning: Communicating Theory & Practice, published by Kendall-Huntthat she co-authored with colleagues Leeanne Bell McManus & Chip Rouse.


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