Guest Blogger: Author and Writer Mandy Eve-Barnett on NaNoWriMo

Happy Sunday, writers and readers!

I am so pleased to introduce you to writer Mandy Eve-Barnett! We connected several years ago, as we both are writers and bloggers. Being in touch with and staying current with other writers is important as it helps push you and keeps you abreast of what others who share the same passion as you are doing. I hope you enjoy this Sunday Guest Blog. I’m certainly happy to have her share her writing journey with you, especially as we both strive to make a dent in #NaNoWriMo!

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I participated in my first NaNo in 2009, encouraged by my writing mentor, Linda. She assured me I could manage 50,000 words in a month. I was not so sure mainly because up until that time the most I had written was approximately 300 words! Initially, the panic set in and then I became totally possessed and wrote paragraphs while the meal was cooking, (until I discovered the slow cooker), skipped lunch so I could address a characters next move or I ignored my eyelids closing as I wrote into the early hours. I participated every year until 2017, when I took a break. I used this ‘hiatus’ to work on two manuscripts that had ‘piled up’ and edited them for publishing. There are two more to go plus the two novellas from this year but at least those two are unleashed into the world.

Writing to a deadline, for me anyway, results in almost complete novel length stories. These can be revised, added to and edited at my leisure in the following months. Of course, not to be complacent (I’m my own worst enemy), I added to the stress this year by committing to writing two novella length stories. One a sequel to a fantasy set in medieval England and the other a brand new steam punk story, which is a new genre for me. The sequel was reader demanded so I succumbed to pressure but the steam punk is a genre I wanted to try. As a flow free / panster writer, I let the characters dictate what happens and how the story moves along. I become the conduit typing as the story twists and weaves in my mind. I have no idea where it will lead and that, for me, is the best part.

For those of you who have made the commitment to this mad, exciting, panic-inducing challenge – I say good luck, may your muse always be at your shoulder and your words flow smoothly upon your page.

Knowing there are many, many writers around the world absorbed in the same challenge is not only exciting but a companionship of sorts. Whether you use a pen and notebook or type your story, it is the words that matter. This month will see thousands of stories created, their characters forging forward and overcoming obstacles. Some will be happy, some will be sad but your story will be told. Enjoy the process, although scary it is also very rewarding.

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