Fashion Friday: Finding Your Style Over A Certain Age

When I used to work as a fashion consultant, one of the biggest rules I preached was to ignore trends—to not get sucked into a fad just because it was hot, especially if it didn’t work for your body type. But that rule becomes rather difficult to adhere to when fashion changes and certain styles of clothing become appealing. For example, the straight-legged jean was something I thought I would avoid at all costs because of its tendency to make hips look larger than they are, especially for those of us who have undeniable curves. I look better in a boot cut jean that is fitted properly. All my years of hoping that the straight-legged jean would not come back in fashion was wasted, as it (a) became fashionable and trendy, and (2) because I ditched my own advice and now wear them, curves and all. The trick is to outsmart the straight-legged jean and find some balance with it…in order to keep your body in check and in proportion. I tend to wear mind tucked into tall boots, or with the right style of shoe.

Even though the straight-legged jean is in, this boot cut jean works best on my body. The cut of the leg balances out my hips, but I still wear the straight jean, as you will see below.
This trend is popular–flutter tops. This is the one I got from Anthropologie. And notice that the straight-legged jean is tucked into my boots, which elongates the body and tricks the eye. I look taller than I am.

I think we tend to believe that as we age, we have to let go of some trends simply because we are aging. There is definitely some truth to that. However, there is also truth in this statement: it’s your life—wear whatever the hell you want if it makes you feel good about yourself. When I go into Anthropologie, I know I’m not going to be able to sport all the different kinds of clothes that are in there, but I LOVE that store, so I search for pieces that will suit me now, at my age, in order to remain trendy and stylish. I’m not trying to dress like my students, mind you (I couldn’t pull that off), but there are certainly some things I still have the gumption to try and wear. I do like to stay current.

I wasn’t sure I could pull off this trend, but I do like it a lot – Over the Knee Boots. So fun!


The Cold Shoulder Trend. Very popular right now.
SATURDAY | #FROCKTOBER | Day 22 Spending the day with family, catching up on grading papers, and being a chauffeur to my children in this comfy #ootd. Top from #charmingcharlie; stretch leggings #verawang; cranberry boots by #francosarto. An old leopard bag for fun and shades on my head from #anntaylor.
Another example of the Cold Shoulder Trend from my Frocktober posts.


Another variation of the Cold Shoulder sweater.
Because I’m petite, I’m always afraid of being out of proportion, but I love faux fur. This poncho has just the right amount, keeping me balanced.
#FROCKTOBER Day 27 | Singing in the rain 🎶 as only 4 days remain of my month-long fashion feature for the blog. Today's #ootd features faux fur and lace. Dress #anntaylor; faux fur vest with thin belt by #jolt; lace-up black boots by #stevemaddenluxe. Fishnet stockings. See what I mean? Somehow I always gravitate toward black clothing. Happy Almost Friday, all! 💌💌💌
Another faux fur piece…a vest with a tie around the waist to keep me in proportion. Love this piece. I wear it with dresses and jeans.

Nevertheless, the true trick to dressing well after a certain age it to always consider proportion of the clothing. Just as you must consider proportion when you are decorating your home, the same holds true when decorating your own body. It’s all about proportion.

Colors also play a huge factor in how clothing looks on you. Be sure to know if you are better in warmer tones (earthy tones such as browns, beiges, greens, yellows, oranges, etc.) or in cooler tones (often referred to as jewel tones, such as emerald green, sapphire blue, true red, black, and deep purple). If you are a cooler-toned person, you may not want to wear severe colors around your face, or, if you are a cooler-toned person and you love orange, you can wear it, but it would probably be best served on your lower half. The color of your hair, skin tone, and eyes play into what colors generally look best on you.

This is a good example of how a vibrant jewel tone can give your face some life.
This is a good example of how a vibrant jewel tone can give your face some life.

But all that is just a bunch of hogwash unless you feel good in the clothes you wear. If you need help finding out what is best for you, hire a consultant to take you shopping and do your colors. Once you learn what works best both proportionally and color-wise, you’ll never wonder again.

That’s not to say we don’t break the rules now and then. We all do. But you’ll find confidence and stay fashionable all your life if you remember this one thing:

Style is truly what you make of it; it’s about how you wear the pieces you choose, not the pieces themselves.

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Stephanie Verni is the author of Baseball Girl, Beneath the Mimosa Tree, and the upcoming novel Inn Significant. She is also a co-author of Event Planning: Communicating Theory and Practice, published by Kendall-Hunt.



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