Fashion Resolutions for 2016

pinkdressI really love clothes. I just do. I always have.

Ever since I was a young girl and I would take the trips to New Jersey to visit my grandparents for the holidays, one of my favorite parts was going shopping with my mom and her mom at Willowbrook Mall. In the early days when we lived in Maryland, there wasn’t an abundance of shopping, especially in the Annapolis and Bowie areas. When I was able to visit New Jersey and New York at the holidays, I would take the money I got as gifts and go shop for clothes.

Now, all these many years later, I still love fashion and shopping. Several years ago when I was home raising my children and working part time as an adjunct professor, I started a fashion consulting business on the side. I was like Stacy London from What Not To Wear fame; I would help women build or rebuild their wardrobes. I took a course in fashion consulting and was certified.

That said, I still love to play with fashion. Earlier in the year before my “big” birthday, I thought I had to completely revamp my style because I am getting older. But when I looked back on it, I thought…WHY? I love fashion and clothes, and as long as I’m not wearing mini-minis and too much of a plunging cleavage, fashion is supposed to be fun and expressive of who you are, so why do I need to change that much?

What I have tried to do is get away from so much black in my wardrobe. As we age, black can be a bit harsh on the skin…and while I will never not wear black as it will always be my staple color, I am trying to mix it up a bit.

Below are some of my recent creations that you’ll see me wearing around town. The trick for me is to know what to spend money and on and what not to spend money on. Classic pieces that you intend to have in your closet for a while–work attire and special occasion wear–these are the pieces you may want to drop a pretty penny on. However, when it comes to trendy stuff that may come and go, I watch my purse. Also, don’t neglect consignment stores. You’ll be surprised by what people consign–and in what great condition it can be. In Severna Park, we have a good one: Savvy Consignment. I’ve gotten quite a few things from there, including a Coach bag, the glittery jacket that is pictured with the pink dress, and lots of sweaters to wear with jeans.

Have fun with your fashion. Enjoy wearing clothes that make you feel good and that reflect your own personality.

As Orson Welles said, “Style is knowing who you are, what you want to say, and not giving a damn.”

pink top grey skirt

Pink top

Plaid top black skirt


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