Christmas Supper Club

image5Last night, our friends Jackie and Matt hosted our final Supper Club dinner of the year. It’s always so nice to get together around Christmas, eat some delicious homemade food, drink some Christmas spirits, and share quality time with our friends. In fact, we knew how much fun we were having when all of a sudden we looked at the clock and said, “It’s almost midnight!” Time certainly does fly when you’re having fun.

image11We’ve been getting together for over two years now; approximately every other month, each couple takes turns hosting at their home. The couple who hosts makes the main course and provides some drinks, and everyone else who attends brings an appetizer, salad, side, or dessert that goes along with the theme of the dinner. Last night’s theme was Italian; before we arrived, Kathleen shared the appetizer she made–and Jackie made one, too. Our meal last night was a true collaboration, and everything was delicious. The baked ziti, made by our hostess, was scrumptious; Sarah brought a fresh green salad, I brought Chicken Parm meatballs (a fantastic Martha Stewart recipe I’m sharing here), and Jen made an outstanding “makes your taste buds so happy” Tiramisu. One missing ingredient was our sixth couple, our friends Shawna and Rick, who spent the evening with their kids seeing a show.

Two kinds of Ziti: one spicy, one not-so-spicy.
Jackie set a beautiful “sparkly” Christmas table.
The Chicken Parm meatballs I made…Martha Stewart’s recipe. These things were outstanding…recipe above.
Christmas Sangria. Easy to make…and goes down easy, too.

Drinks and cheer were flowing…I attempted to make the Christmas Sangria, a recipe I’ve pinned over and over and was itching to try, which turned out to be rather delicious.

Santa even left some presents under the tree for us…but the best part about Supper Club is just getting together with friends in their warm and welcoming homes.

Ready for supper!
Sarah taking a whiff of Jen’s delectable Tiramisu!
Not in a group photo, but I was there!
A sampling of the bar…

So, farewell to Supper Club 2015; it was a great way to go out. We’ll be looking forward to a whole new round of recipes, drinks, and good conversation in 2016!

Another angle of Jackie’s table…and that chandelier…oh my!

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