The Prettiness of White Pumpkins

Photo credit: Stephanie Verni

* * *

Even though it’s fall and the leaves on the East Coast trees are starting to change into the traditional colors of yellows, oranges, and browns, a splash of white among the mix doesn’t hurt. Pumpkins, typically known for being orange in color, can also be white. This season, I’ve been looking to try some different fall crafts with my daughter, especially as autumn is upon us. We still get into the spirit of Halloween at our house even though my kids are older, and we host Thanksgiving dinner. I enjoy trying new centerpieces or decorations to freshen up our look.

I love the idea of white pumpkins decorated with fresh flowers, paint, or carvings. Here are some ideas I’ve found over the last few days. What do you think? What inspiration do you find through the fall holidays?


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