How To Build A Summer Wardrobe That Works

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One of the things people used to hire me for when I was a fashion stylist (along the lines of Stacy London), was to visit their closets, see what they had that worked, and recommend new wardrobe possibilities for them. Depending upon whether they stayed at home with children or worked for a living, I had to craft a shopping plan and then help them buy clothes that suited their body types. One woman in particular who recently had twins, was heading back to the work force, but not with the same body she had when she left. She could not fit into any of her old professional clothing, and so with $500 in her wallet, we set out to buy her an entirely new wardrobe. With coupons and imagination, we got her a starter work wardrobe that offered many mix and match possibilities, and I’ll never forget the big hug she gave me at the end of the shopping adventure.

While I may not be working as a fashion consultant any longer, I can still offer some sound advice—or if you prefer to put it in sports talk jargon, a game plan—for building a wardrobe. One of the problems people face is starting anew…how to begin and where to take the wardrobe from that point forward. There are certain staples you will need in your closet, and so this checklist is that starting point. If you already have a pretty decent wardrobe, you can use this checklist to indicate and check-off what you already own that is in good shape, and then make a list of things you might need. Remember: the overall goal of this game plan is to allow you versatility in your wardrobe, meaning that all pieces can mix and match. You will hear this called a wardrobe capsule, and if you search for them on Pinterest, many, many collections will pop up.

Good luck in your shopping endeavor. I’ve provided your checklist below, and the above photo is a sample of what you are aiming for to maximize your wardrobe. Feel free to ask any questions of me here, and I’ll be happy to answer them.


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