Farewell, Eli Wallach

The Great Eli Wallach
The Great Eli Wallach

This hopeless romantic was very sad to learn of the death of actor Eli Wallach this morning. At 98, Mr. Wallach left this world, leaving behind a host of films for us all to enjoy.

One of my favorite romantic comedies of all-time is “The Holiday,” and this scene is one of my favorites. He played the part of Arthur Abbott, a retired screen writer, in the film. Kate Winslet, visiting Los Angeles on her holiday, befriends him, and the friendship that ensues is the best relationship of the film.

Eli was married to the same woman, actress Anne Jackson, for 66 years. In this clip, she toasts him for his lifetime achievement in 2010.

Additionally, in honor of his memory, here’s one of my favorite scenes from “The Holiday” that depicts the friendship between Arthur (Wallach) and Iris (Winslet).

For more about Mr. Wallach’s biography, click here for an article from the Hollywood Reporter.


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