Friday Fashion and Food: Week One

78f6d340eaff94acfa1fb1ab31eb2431To add some variety to the blog, Steph’s Scribe is adding a feature on Fridays called “Friday Fashion and Food,” where I’ll showcase one favorite fashion look and one recipe.

As some of you know, I was a fashion stylist for a few years, and have always loved clothes and shoes (especially boots) and fashion in general. Additionally, in terms of food, I am an expert eater. Therefore, why not blend the two into a feature with alliteration as its title just for fun?

Fashion Look:

The look for today is “urban prettiness.” I’m drooling over the skirt, the romantic blouse, and her hair that is gorgeous and makes me want to grow mine out and get rid of my blonde highlights. The setting isn’t too shabby either.  I could write a little short story about what is going to happen next: The rain begins to fall heavier from the sky, and she dodges into a cafe for a cappuccino where she bumps into her former lover, who happens to still love her. What happens next doesn’t matter, because she looks so good in that ensemble.

I took this look off of my “Personal Style and Fashion” board on Pinterest. If you’re interested in sharing ideas on Pinterest, follow me there. I’ll be happy to follow back. The more ideas the merrier!

Food & Recipe:

This week’s featured recipe comes from well-known chef Ina Garten. Her recipe is for Apple Crostatas, perfect for this time of year. To see Ina’s mouth-watering recipe, click here: Recipe for Apple Crostatas.

AppleCrostata - Ina Garten

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!




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