Forward & Forward Thinkers —Weekly Photo Challenge

George Washington, the Father of Our Country, in Philadephia, PA.

As it was just President’s Day and my son and daughter are both learning about the American Revolution and aspects of it, George Washington came to mind as a forward thinking man. Sure, there are more contemporary forward thinkers, but I took this photo in Philadelphia last year, and I love the way it came out. It was a cold, grey day, but the city always shines.

George Washington, along with all the men who fought for our country’s independence, set up a system of government that still works better than any other I know today; they were all brave, forward-thinking people. I have the utmost respect and admiration for what they did–for all of us Americans.


This was the challenge: In a new post specifically created for this challenge, share a picture that says FORWARD to you.


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