• In the Background

    This week’s Weekly Photo Challenge asked us to select a photo that says “Background” to us. This picture was taken at our beach house in the Outer Banks in North Carolina. Each year we conduct a beach adventure, and last year’s theme was SUPERHEROES. We had a great time. My daughter made up her own Superhero—Solar Girl—and we had a party at night by the pool. Even though you can see her, it’s the blurred background that makes it so cool. I love the entire vibe of this photograph.

  • This Week’s Weekly Photo Challenge Word: ESCAPE

    This week’s weekly photo challenge word from WordPress is ESCAPE. I typically think of escaping to a beach or relaxing somewhere near the water, but this photo is one of my recent favorites. I took it as we were heading back from Miami in November after I attended the Readers Favorite Awards Ceremony where I accepted a Bronze Medal in Contemporary Romance for my first novel, “Beneath the Mimosa Tree.” I was literally on Cloud 9, and this photo, the clouds, and the sky’s glorious colors offer that sense of wonderment. I was in awe that I won an award, my husband and biggest supporter was by my side, and…

  • Patterns: Showcasing My Favorite Scenery Photo

    I was glad to see today’s WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge was entitled “patterns.” I’ve been wanting to showcase this particular photograph I took last year in Palm Beach. On a bike ride through neighborhoods, my husband and I happened upon this main entrance to a community. It’s absolutely stunning and probably my favorite scenery photo that I’ve taken to date. And you can’t help but notice the stunning arches and railing, which happen to make the most picturesque pattern. Love.

  • Lost In The Details —Weekly Photo Challenge

    I really liked what Christopher Martin had to say in today’s WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge. As an amateur photographer, with a keen interest in “seeing things in spectacular ways,” I am drawn to using my camera as a tool in creativity. I am only 5’1″, so I tend to shoot low to high anyway (I’m coming back in my next life as a tall person), plus I like to play with angles. Here are four shots whereby I got completely lost in the details.

  • Forward & Forward Thinkers —Weekly Photo Challenge

    As it was just President’s Day and my son and daughter are both learning about the American Revolution and aspects of it, George Washington came to mind as a forward thinking man. Sure, there are more contemporary forward thinkers, but I took this photo in Philadelphia last year, and I love the way it came out. It was a cold, grey day, but the city always shines. George Washington, along with all the men who fought for our country’s independence, set up a system of government that still works better than any other I know today; they were all brave, forward-thinking people. I have the utmost respect and admiration for…

  • Weekly Photo Challenge: Kiss

    This week’s weekly photo challenge comes from Sara Rosso at WordPress. The word is Kiss. In a new post specifically created for this challenge, share a picture which means KISS to you! I adore this photo. These are my friends Gui and Jenny; Gui is being silly by planting a KISS on Jenny’s cheek as we ham it up for the camera at the Michael Buble concert in Washington, D.C. My husband took the photo of us. We are all old friends who always have a great time whenever we get together. What I love about this photo is the pure innocence that’s captured as we laughed, talked, and caught…

  • Weekly Photo Challenge: HOME

    In this week’s photo challenge, we had to select a photograph that in some way means “Home.” I selected this photograph—one I took over the summer—of the beach in Ulmstead, where I grew up and where my parents still live. I got a new camera last year, and I went out one day and practiced taking all sorts of photos. This playset is one that has been around since I was little, as you can see by its aged look. I think that’s part of its charm; the beach is so beautiful, and there are picnic tables and steps that take you to the Magothy River. It’s one of my…

  • Weekly Photo Challenge: Unique

    I decided to participate again this week in the WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge. The word we had to “show” through photography was “unique.” This week’s photo is one I took last May when my husband and I vacationed at The Breakers in Palm Beach, Florida. We took a guided bike tour along North Lake Trail, which brought us to Henry Flagler’s House and into some neighborhoods, and then along the beach and back to The Breakers. These flowers were so unique, I had to stop and admire their beauty. I’m not even sure if this photograph does them justice.