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Some quick updates, as I haven’t been making my rounds on here as often as I would like.


As many of you know, I love clothes and fashion. I’m also getting into watercolor painting and artsy things, as well as writing my books. For these reasons, when I was invited to set up an Amazon Storefront, I said, “Why NOT?” So, I’m linking to it here. You’ll find some of my favorite fashions, household items, art supplies, and, of course, my books. Additionally, for those who are currently doing (or hope to do) Bible in a Year, I share my supplies and the workbook I’m using for that endeavor. I also love my readers that come in a 3-pack for $16.49. All listed in my storefront.

Amazon Storefront Link


I’ll be traveling to Delaware for a book talk at the Bridgeville Library. Several book clubs will be on hand, as well as members of the library. It’s open and free to the public, so come by if you are in the area. I’m always excited to meet new people and talk books, publishing, and reading. I’ll have books on hand to sign, and I’d love to field questions from the audience about the process and writing in general. Flier below.


Stacey and me—learning her job!

My friend, Stacey, owns an events company, Earl Beckwith & Associates, Inc., and stages a lot of events for the Orioles. We went to a game prior to the Orioles making the playoffs, and she was sharing her concern of not being around for the events she would stage for playoffs due to a vacation she had planned. Always up for fun and a challenge, I offered my services to help in her absence. When she took me up on my offer, I enjoyed being back in the fold of my days of old at Camden Yards, and I had fun working in the media room and overseeing a couple of spaces she had set up for the team. I loved being in the mix temporarily. I won’t forget it, and I’m so glad she trusted me with her company in her absence. And don’t worry about the Orioles–we’ll get ’em next year. 🙂


I am working my way through my latest novel, DODGING LIES, line by line and word by word. The editing phase is the most tedious, but I want to get this right. I will shop it out a little bit, and then, we will see. I’m pretty comfortable with the self-publishing process and have been doing it for years. With the success of The Letters in the Books, and the love people have for that novel, who knows what path I will take. I like telling stories the way I want them told–without someone else telling me how to modify my storyline. So, it’s that comfort and stubbornness that may lead me to self-publish again. We shall see.


If you didn’t get to purchase your copy of FROM HUMBUG TO HUMBLE: THE TRANSFORMATION OF EBENEZER SCROOGE, you can get your copies now. I love how Adrianna Murphy illustrated the second edition of the book for me, and it makes a great gift for your favorite SCROOGE lover. I attempted to tell “the rest of Scrooge’s story” about what happened to him after he changed his ways, and I did my best to stay true to Dickens’ story. He is one of my favorite storytellers of all time, and I wouldn’t want to disappoint him. People who have read the book so far seem to have really enjoyed it, and I’m so thankful. You can order copies here on my website if you want them personalized, or they are available through Amazon or Barnes & Noble.


When I tell you that I am no artist, I am no artist. Yet I’ve found myself wanting to try to be artistic. Social media has been a great place to learn from artists who know what they’re doing. Following others has led me to try things I normally wouldn’t try, and it’s been a fun diversion from writing. (Don’t get me wrong, writing will always be my first love, but playing with art taps into another side of my brain). Some of my latest art I’ve created is below:

My latest dabbles

That’s it for now…I hope you all are well! xxoo

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STEPHANIE VERNI is the author of THE LETTERS IN THE BOOKS; FROM HUMBUG TO HUMBLE: THE TRANSFORMATION OF EBENEZER SCROOGE; BENEATH THE MIMOSA TREE; INN SIGNIFICANT; LITTLE MILESTONES; THE POSTCARD; and ANNA IN TUSCANY. She is also a co-author of the textbook, EVENT PLANNING: COMMUNICATING THEORY & PRACTICE. Currently an adjunct professor at Stevenson University Online, she instructs communication courses for undergraduate and graduate students. She and her husband reside in Severna Park, Maryland, and have two children. On the side, she enjoys writing travel articles for

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