Frocktober begins tomorrow & I’ve picked my charity

For the fourth year, I’ll be participating in Frocktober, a 31-day fashion challenge that calls attention to a charity of choice!


And I’m announcing the charity I have chosen for the next 31 days.


It’s a 31-day fashion challenge, whereby you post an outfit a day on Instagram, that calls attention to a charity of choice!

As an educator, author, blogger, and reader, I am so happy to support and call attention to another woman of style’s organization that fosters reading: Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library. Dolly’s nonprofit organization is a book gifting program that delivers free books to children from birth to age 5 in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, and Republic of Ireland. The organization was inspired by Dolly’s father’s inability to read and write. In 1995, Dolly started her Imagination Library, and as of August 2020, over 143 million books have been gifted. According to the website, for a $25 donation, a child will receive one book a month for a full year. How’s that for something special?

Being passionate about reading and writing is something I take with me into my daily work as a professor at a university and as a writer. The fashion thing is just for fun. I make no money off my fashion, or have yet to receive any “free” clothing or promo items. I have always looked at fashion as a way to express myself and be creative. It’s purely for fun, and I love a good challenge. As well, being able to read and write allows kids an opportunity to be free to express themselves, too, and to learn.

As I support this wonderful nonprofit organization over the next 31 days and try to assemble some cool outfits, I hope you will consider a small monetary donation to Imagination Library. You could truly make a difference in a child’s life. As well, as we are all stuck at home and maybe can’t volunteer or do service projects we might normally do, $25 could go a long way to providing a light in a child’s life during this pandemic, as well.

Please think about this cause, and I’ll try not to let you down with my fashions…and I’ll connect reading to my posts daily over the next month.


Thanks for the support.😘

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