Podcast 14: Finding and Flushing Out Story Ideas for Novel Writers

What’s my next project? I’m trying to figure that out.

I’m outlining, doing research, and juggling two things simultaneously as I flush out what might be my next project. As I dig in, I’m finding out what might work as my next piece of writing.

Are you in the same boat? If so, today’s podcast may be helpful as we dissect ideas and begin to move forward.

Where are you in the writing stage right now? I’m in the very, very beginning stages of tackling a new story idea.

Let’s move through the process together. Check out today’s podcast below.

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Stephanie Verni is Professor of Communication at Stevenson University. She is the author of 5 works of fiction and the co-author of one academic textbook on Event Planning. Her character-driven books are set in beautiful Maryland locations and examine the realities of the human heart. Connect with her on Instagram at stephanie.verni or on Twitter at @stephverni. Or, visit her Amazon page at Stephanie Verni, Author.


  • Andrea Miles

    I like your idea about the bar. Though it sounds like you are more passionate about the 2nd story idea you mentioned. I am also trying to figure out what to write next. And I also have 2 ideas, one I’ve been toying with forever and have maybe 100 pages written and the other comes from 2 (unrelated) story prompts that I wrote and really liked and have been thinking that I could put the 2 together and turn it into a novel… This part is the part I hate. I love being in the novel, I don’t really mind editing the novel, but the trying to decide which path to take, which novel to choose, I hate that part. And maybe also deciding on the story structure, unless its straight-forward. Too many decisions!

    • Steph's Scribe

      Now that I’ve had some time to dwell on it, I’m actually starting to “hear” the characters in the bar. I had an interesting idea about them come to me this morning. It’s funny…sometimes when you sit on a story, more good ideas come to you. You never know where something will take you. But you are right, the in-between time can be challenging.

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