Launching Little Milestones AND NaNoWriMo in one Evening on Campus

img_9349It’s been an unbelievably busy and exciting week! Launching LITTLE MILESTONES has been a thrill! I am so happy it’s available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble, and I’m doubly thrilled to be launching #NaNoWriMo this Tuesday on campus. It’s our third year of promoting writing on campus and getting students thinking about writing their own stories, be it fiction, nonfiction, or memoir. Students can also think about creating their stories on Wattpad or via a blog.

When I was the age of my students, I would sit in class and dream of publishing something one day. At that time, you had to find an agent or publisher, or you were out of luck. With the birth and expansion of self-publishing, we are lucky—just as YouTubers and musicians are—to have an outlet for our creativity. It took me a while to hunker down and do it, but I’m so happy to have this platform to share stories that come from the heart.

Little Milestones Launch-2

This one’s about love, family, relationships, and moving on. It’s about the significance of supportive female friendships. It’s set in St. Michaels, Maryland, a beautiful harbor town, and it takes place from Labor Day weekend through Christmas. I’d love for you to meet Olivia, Nan, and Miles in LITTLE MILESTONES. Hope to see you Tuesday.

For more about NaNoWriMo at Stevenson University, click here to read the article by our student journalists in the The Villager!

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