Fashion Friday: Summer Maxi Dresses & A Versatile Duster


What is STYLE? 👠

How do you define the word?

Here’s my take, for what it’s worth.

Style isn’t about what you wear, it’s about how you feel about what you wear. Style also isn’t about labels and expensive clothes: you can look good in inexpensive clothes if you learn what cuts work best on your figure and body type. Sometimes I try something that’s really trendy because it looks so great on someone who is tall and thin, but on me, someone who is short and curvy, it just looks silly. I still like to look contemporary, but I know what’s within my zone.

Occasionally, I do try something new to see how it works, and if it does-yay!!! But ultimately, style, I believe, comes from YOU – your soul, your smile, your confidence, your intelligence, your demeanor, and your stride.

I’ve always had to watch what I spend on clothing. But luckily, there are so many options for those of us who don’t want to break the bank. And if you have a favorite color, wear the hell out of that too. I’ve come to the conclusion that I’ll never walk too far away from my staple color of black. It’s just part of my STYLE.

Maxi dresses are so pretty—they hide a multitude of flaws as well (for me, thunder thighs, cellulite, etc.), yet still look pretty in the hot summers and warmer months. The cream colored duster I bought from Marshall’s is probably my favorite pick up this summer. It can go over dresses, jeans, shorts, and rompers. I’ve even worn it to the pool over my bathing suit. You can’t go wrong with a good duster.

But remember, my friends and fellow fashionistas, ultimately, just feel good in your own skin, no matter your build or size or weight. We love you just as you are.


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