Stay Positive, Writers!

It’s the first day of summer break for me, and that means it’s time to dust off my work in progress and hunker down. I’d really love to have this novel done by the end of summer.

However, in doing so, there are challenges. It’s really easy to tell ourselves that our work is mediocre…that it needs a lot more love and attention…and that may very well be true. But that doesn’t mean it can’t be wonderful! My current work in progress needs some love and attention. I have to start at the beginning and go through it, chapter by chapter and sentence by sentence. I have to pull this thing together, and I have to do it without having a lot of self doubt. Self doubt seems to creep in at all times, especially when we’re trying to create something decent. We wonder if it’s good enough. We wonder if there will be readers. We wonder if someone else will think it’s good or crap.

I guess overall, the most important thing is that you believe in the project and see it come to fruition.

Take the time.

Believe in yourself.

Sometimes days it will be easy; some days it will be difficult.

But keep going. Keep pushing.

That’s my inspirational thought for today.

Five Quick Tips:

1. Start writing, and set a schedule to write

2. Tell your story the way you see it (believe in yourself)

3. Take the time to tell the story the whole way through to the end (persevere)

4. Edit that baby…over and over again (confidence and clean up)

5. Figure out your publishing options – self publishing, small presses, agent, or large press (you did it!)

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  • LaToya Lawrence

    I found this blog post through paperblog. I thought it was a great encouraging and inspiring article for those in particular who may need a boost to continue on.

    Writing is a wonderful fulfillment for those of us who have that natural passion and drive and some do often give up on their journey but it is very important to believe in oneself and to persevere because there is indeed a place where one’s artistic story and expression fits in perfectly within creation.

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