Coffee…Magic..and Your Soul

magicI just wrote a scene from my newly revised novel, and I am feeling pretty good about myself. These days, I have to budget my time wisely: time to write for pleasure, time to research and write the second edition of our academic textbook, and time to get my ducks in order for the upcoming spring semester. I set a timer and watch the clock so that I can balance my life and the time that I permit myself to work on each aspect of my life.

That’s how I get stuff done.

I took a moment’s break, and came upon this quote, and for a moment, the world stopped.

I was dancing in the kitchen to my favorite guy, Michael Buble, this morning, if that gives you any indication of how I’m feeling today and why this quote made me smile.

I’ve just finished a cup of coffee and am looking forward to a night out with my family, and I’m feeling pretty optimistic about the upcoming year.

This quote said it all.

And now I’m feeling more inspired than I was five minutes ago when I finished writing that scene.

I wish you all the same on this happy Friday…




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