• Coffee…Magic..and Your Soul

    I just wrote a scene from my newly revised novel, and I am feeling pretty good about myself. These days, I have to budget my time wisely: time to write for pleasure, time to research and write the second edition of our academic textbook, and time to get my ducks in order for the upcoming spring semester. I set a timer and watch the clock so that I can balance my life and the time that I permit myself to work on each aspect of my life. That’s how I get stuff done. I took a moment’s break, and came upon this quote, and for a moment, the world stopped.…

  • Wednesday Wisdom

    Like many of you, I love a good quote. Quotes make us realize things and put them into perspective. We also realize by reading quotes that we are not alone–that others share our thoughts, actions, and ideals. The quote below especially speaks to me as a teacher. Our goal as teachers is to open the minds of others; however, those minds must be willing to be opened. Does this quote speak to you in any particular way? I’d love to hear how you interpret it. Have a great Wednesday!