Not Quite There With 5 Days Remaining


It’s the 25th of November, and I’m still making progress, although it’s not moving as quickly as I would like. The goal for November was to complete 50,000 words (which is, in essence, a small novel). The problem is, this novel (Life with Nan) will more like 80,000+ words, I’m guessing. So, my friends, I have a way to go, but if that’s the case, then I’ll try to find some solace in the fact that I hit the halfway point by going over 40,000 words. Nan and my main character, Calista, still have more to uncover as their relationship of living together as granddaughter and grandmother continue, and as Calista learns what’s really important in life.

With 5 days remaining of #nanowrimo, I will see how far I get. I’ve been writing now for a couple of hours, and I feel it’s time to stop for the day.

That’s another writing tip: Don’t push it when you’ve hit that point of brain mush. What comes after the brain mush may not be your best work.

I’m glad many of you have taken the time to start a writing project, be it a small one or a large undertaking.

Writing has always been a passion of mine, and it’s wonderful to share it with others who feel the same way.

Persevere, my writing friends. The only person holding you back from finishing a work of writing is yourself.

I know you can do it.

But you have to believe it can be done, too.



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