Please, Do Not Call Yourself A Writer, Unless…

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I’m a writer.

I can say that now.

I’ve written four fiction books and one academic textbook with my colleagues.

It annoys me when people say they are writers when they are not.

Have you written something today?

Then you are a writer.

Did you write something yesterday?

Then you are a writer.

You can’t call yourself a writer unless you actually engage in the craft of writing.

To my students: you are writers. You are writing. I am excited to read your articles.

To my fellow writers on Instagram and Twitter: you are writers. Many of my followers and those I follow are writing. We are all working hard at it.

But you can’t sit around the house with empty journals, a flashing cursor with nothing going on around it as it blinks, or sit at Starbucks daydreaming with your laptop open and no words on the Word document and call yourself a writer.

So, I’m here today to ignite your passion for writing and ask you to consider actually doing it. For real.

The Month of November has been deemed National Novel Writing Month (#NaNoWriMo), and although you can log into the actual site for National Novel Writing Month and take the challenge of writing 50,000 words in one-month, essentially a short novel, if you’d like to take my route, you can write along with me here on Steph’s Scribe.

We did it last year, and we’re going to do it again.

Start writing today.

Rev it up during #NaNoWriMo.

I will be writing along with you. Recording daily word count totals is fun. Adding up those word totals can be exciting. You will see progress with your project.

TRIVIA QUESTION: Do you know which novels were started during #NaNoWriMo? Two of my favorites: THE NIGHT CIRCUS and WATER FOR ELEPHANTS.

So, if those writers can do it, so can we. Or we can start working on it now and really get things going as we head into November.

Get ready. Get prepped. Start getting focused.

I’m challenging you to write with me.

You can’t walk around in your black clothing, brooding and claiming to be a writer much longer.

But you can if you actually start writing something.

Then you can call yourself a writer.



My Progress

Project: Novel, LIFE WITH NAN

Word Count: 17,459

Goal: Finish by February 1



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