How to Put A Book Campaign Together: A Writer’s Life Tackling Book Promotion


Below you will find the entire social media advertising campaign that I’ve been sharing bit-by-bit on Facebook and Instagram. I’m sharing the whole campaign here in one place. (I’m going to do the same with the 22 teaser ads I created–one for each short story from The Postcard and Other Short Stories & Poetry).

This was a new strategy for me. When I launched my other three books, I didn’t have much of a social media campaign built. If you’re an independent author like me, you may want to create something like this that you can share–it helps let people know what the book is about and how they can get a copy.

Using a program like InDesign or Canva, you can build these ads rather easily. Create a theme that will work for the entire campaign, and let that theme run through the ads. My theme, as you can see, is “if you’re short on time, this collection of short stories may be right for you.”

If you can’t design yourself, find someone who can. College students are always looking for ways to improve their portfolios. Maybe you can get an intern to help you, or, honestly, you can learn how to do it yourself. It’s pretty easy and there are lots of tutorials out there to help you learn how. is pretty simple to use.

I’ll continue to share these ads sporadically, and I’ll probably add a couple more here and there. Next on the agenda, however, is getting my press kit out there to some local media. That takes some time. I’ve already put aspects of the kit on the blog under Author Press Room, but I have to mail out some books to folks to help spark some interest.

I hope you’ll consider picking up a copy of my newest book. It was fun to put these stories—written over many years—together in one collection. It’s truly is the perfect read for people who are short on time, busy with kids, work too many jobs, but who still love to read stories.

Ries & Trout, the famous marketing and advertising duo, would be happy to see that I “positioned” the book that way.

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Having Trouble Finishing A Book_ (3)


Having Trouble Finishing A Book_ (4)


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Having Trouble Finishing A Book_ (2)



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