No More Blues with Blue Skies

The sun was streaming through the windows of our home this morning, and I snapped a shot…the blue sky was amazing.


How do you get rid of the winter blues? You get blessed with a rich, blue sky, and stop for a moment to appreciate it. Today’s is extraordinary. It’s not warm just yet, but the buds are on the trees—some are even blooming, flowers are beginning to grow, and life is starting fresh again. The Easter season and spring bring a sense of renewal. It’s a time to make peace with yourself and with others, push yourself to be even better than you were last spring, and forge ahead as you make new memories. Consider doing some of those things on your checklist—go visit places you want to see, spend time making memories with your families, sit on the porch and read those books on your bookshelf, and take walks and explore. Maybe even ride your bike. Like a kid.

I can’t wait to ride mine…

I snapped a shot of the lawn in between my office and the library on Stevenson University’s campus this morning. The grass is as vibrant as the sky, and the buds are making their appearance.
This is my cute bike in a shot from a hazy, summer day last year. I may even take it for a short spin this afternoon when I get home…


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