Back To School Sunday

Back To School Sunday: A Poem

Summer vacation — gone, gone, gone —

Preparing lectures — long, long, long;

Making lunches every day —

No more splashing in the Bay;

Back to rigor and the grind —

Starbucks coffee not far behind;

Late night grading, losing sleep —

Watching my kids grow: weep, weep, weep.

So long flip-flops, hello heels —

No more winging weekday meals;

No more swimming at the pool —

Time for schedules, time for school.

Summer days grow shorter for fall —

Baseball playoffs and football;

Homecoming, Halloween, Haunted trails —

Time moves quickly, not like a snail;

Before you know it, holidays are here —

Bringing finals and essays — fun and fear.

It’s back to school time — let’s rejoice!

Because, quite frankly, we have no choice;

Time moves quickly, hang on for the ride —

Join in the fun; you cannot hide.

~ S.Verni ~

* * *

All the best for a great semester!


My pile of texts for the semester. Bring it on!

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