Snow, Spring and The Dad in Baseball Girl

March 20, 2015. My backyard in Maryland.
March 20, 2015. My backyard in Maryland.

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This picture above was taken minutes ago in my backyard in Maryland. It’s the first day of spring, and Maryland is “supposedly” in the South. Sometimes you wouldn’t know it. Like today, when the birds should be chirping and tulips should be starting to come to life.

This weather is for the birds. And by “the birds,” I mean the Bay City Blackbirds in Baseball Girl. Won’t you consider hunkering down with a book written by a struggling independent author and see what happens in the love triangle among a ballplayer, a sports writer, and a woman who works in baseball before the official start of this season? I promise that you don’t have to love baseball to like the story…perhaps just have a dad you love(d) a lot. It’s the most important relationship in Baseball Girl, and the driving force in Francesca’s ability to grow.

JessicaThis pretty photo was sent to me by a former student who also happened to work in baseball.

Have a great weekend, all. Think Spring.

And baseball.


  • Mary Best

    I am so done with winter and having the “weather” ruin my plans…I am in need of warmer temps, sunshine, flowers and beautiful trees!

    Stephanie, I so enjoyed Baseball Girl! I just loved the relationship between Francesca and her Dad. I miss my Dad (and my Mom) so very much that on some days it physically hurts. The pain of their deaths has never gone away…it’s easier to deal with than it was in the beginning, but it’s always there. I thought your portrayal of Francesca’s grief and the memories of her outings with her Dad was perfect! I also loved how Francesca and her Mom became closer as the story developed. Such a sweet love story on several levels:)

    Chrissie’s long career with the O’s has given me a unique perspective on the workings of a major league baseball team…I felt so in the know when I was reading this book, because I have heard about so many things that go on in MLB through my sister…I felt like a real insider:)

    Wishing you wonderful success with your latest book and sunshine and warm days SOON!

    Take care,


    • Steph's Scribe/Stephanie Verni


      Thank you so much! I am glad to hear you think I got it right—and I mean that. My parents are alive and well, but I have lost all my grandparents and watched my parents sadness at their loss, so I tried to put myself in their shoes. I appreciate your kind words, and hope others feel the same way you do.

      I truly cherished my time in baseball—it honestly was the thing that made me who I am today. That job and the work ethic that surrounded it put into motion my own work ethic; it makes you want to be a better person, employee, daughter, mother, wife, friend and teacher.

      Chrissie has been there far longer than I ever was, and I know she feels the same about it or she wouldn’t still be there.

      Thanks for the sweet note. I am grateful.


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