A Little Game of “No Repeat” Fashion

bananarepublic.gap.comI’m starting to like clothes and fashion again.

I was down on it for a while because I allowed myself to gain too much weight this winter, and I wasn’t taking good care of myself. It’s something lots of working moms tend to do: they put others before themselves, and they are too tired to exercise or make themselves a healthy meal.

That changed this summer when I started a “getting healthy” program. I’m starting to see results, and even better, I’m starting to fit back into some of my clothes that have waited patiently for me to return to normal.

Now that things are fitting again, and I’m continuing on this program (Am I where I want to be yet? No, but little by little, this plan is working.), I’m watching something amazing happen. My wardrobe is growing exponentially.

There are many pieces I own that I spent money on when I was a fashion consultant, and because they are well-made, they stand the test of time and appear brand new. I’m still looking forward to buying myself a few new pieces this fall, but already, as I was organizing my closet earlier, I’m seeing lots of potential for NO REPEAT FASHION.color-style.livejournal.com

What is this? What is NO REPEAT FASHION?

This is where you challenge yourself not to repeat an outfit for work. This requires creating a wardrobe capsule. What you attempt to do is to vary your outfits every time you wear them, adding different accessories such as scarves, necklaces, jackets, as well as the shoes you wear with each outfit. What you have to do is challenge yourself to be creative with what you have and EXTEND your wardrobe. Mixing and matching blouses with skirts and then doing the same with pants and dresses can help your wardrobe go a long way.

weekdays; Design Your Month with these Wardrobe Capsules!Accessories play a big part in the look of your outfit. Don’t neglect the accessories. They help your wardrobe extend as well. See the examples I’ve posted from color-style.livejournal.com, cabionline.com, and bananarepublic.gap.com. These illustrate what I am talking about.

I’ve done this before, and it’s like a little game you play with yourself. How far can you extend your wardrobe? Can you go weeks without repeating an outfit exactly?

You have to be willing to buy pieces that have lots of possibilities, so that when you put them together, they always look fresh and new.



  • andreaew

    I LOVE the blush/beige/gray/black pieces! Thanks for the challenge to extend what I have in my closet. By the way, do you want to share some tips on your summer getting healthy program? Maybe you’ve already done so, & I missed them?

    • Steph's Scribe/Stephanie Verni

      Sure, I’m happy to! I started by cutting out a lot of carbs, and eating more fresh foods. Basically, I’m doing the second phase of the South Beach diet. The first phase has zero carbs, but I have to have some carbs in my diet. I eat healthy foods, make lots of salads, and have given up junk food. I also exercise five days a week. It can vary from long, power walks of 3+ miles to cardio of kickboxing and aerobics. I am down one dress size, and still have some pounds to lose, but I am feeling better, have more energy, and will not give up on this goal. I’m also using free weights to tone my arms, and I’m doing lots of squats for the legs and butt. Lastly, tons of water helps.

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