My Writing Space

DSC_0826I have to be inspired by my space when I write. Period. End of sentence.

And while I’m still drooling over the notion of a writing shed in the back yard (dream on…dream on), I’m warming to my home office. It is by no means done; I’m still searching for a chandelier to replace the fan, and curtains might add a nice touch at some point, along with a cozy guest chair to sit near the bookshelf. However, we’ve been in the house for eight months now, and I’m more inspired in there than I have been.

The walls are a Tiffany blue, with built-in desks and countertops; there is a built-in bookcase loaded with our books; there is a large window that lets lots of light in; and we just bought a white cabinet to store our kids’ backpacks in–each child has a cubby in each door.

Here’s the office, and where I’m currently working on my second romance novel called “Baseball Girl.” In the movie, “Moneyball,” Billy Beane says, “How can you not be romantic about baseball?”

Honestly, I have no idea. Baseball and romance go together like hand in glove. I like to feel romance all around me, in the things I own, in the spaces I work in, and in the people I love.

To see more about our home renovation and our never-ending quest for Cottage Style, visit Pump Up The Cottage, a blog I’ve set up to document our home renovation.





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