Don’t Hornswoggle Me


* * * * *

“Mommy, did you know you can delete the app from your phone?”

“Why would I want to do that?”

“Do you WANT the app on your phone?”

“Yes, I do. I like it.”


* * *

I’m a word geek. I like to learn new words, understand their meanings, and put them to use. Honestly, I’m not hornswoggling you. I like that every afternoon, I hear my alert sound that I have just received’s Word of the Day. I like to challenge myself to see if I know the word, or at the very least, can attempt to figure it out.

It takes only seconds to click on the app and read what that word means.

I pride myself in the fact that I’m still learning words…and that I then attempt to use those words in my own writing.

Why not? I say.

It’s one app worth keeping.

So don’t hornswoggle me out of using the app. I like it just fine.

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