Adjusting the Relationships Around You

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Today’s wise words come from Earl Purdy. I can’t even begin to tell you how much I love this particular quote:

Whenever you make a shift in your consciousness there will be three shifts with the people/relationships around you: The people who leave because you no longer serve the purpose they wanted you for, the people who grow with you and stay in your life, and the relationships you actively choose out of because they no longer serve you. -Earl Purdy

Sometimes we have to leave things behind. There are reasons to do it. Sometimes, people leave us behind. But the people who stay with us, love us, and want to be in our lives are really the only ones that matter.

It’s similar to the explanation I offer about parties and those who RSVP “no,” or choose not to attend an event. It’s okay to wish they could be there or be disappointed that they can’t make it, but your real focus should remain with those who ARE there…those who show up and take the time to attend. The conscious decision to focus on the people who choose to be in your life, and let go of the ones who opt out is a similar comparison. There are many people who will use you and your kindness. Likewise, you owe it to yourself to opt out when YOU need to do so.

There is nothing wrong with respecting yourself enough to do it.

As Earl Purdy says, you will see it play out as relationships change, but don’t be afraid to make that particular shift in your consciousness.


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