The Beautiful Thing About Learning

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First, I love BB King. My husband and I have seen him in concert. He’s fun, an amazing musician, and now, to boot, has some dear life lessons to doll out.

Second, his quote is the reason I’m in education. Not only do I teach my students, but each day I am learning, too. I learn by reading, keeping up to date on my field, writing, and educating myself on things I don’t know or am not familiar with presently.

Last night my husband and I watched a documentary on The Smithsonian Channel. It was about Ernest Shackleton and his crew that sailed to Antarctic in 1914. The perils and triumph of it are absolutely astounding. In fact, the piece was so amazing, we nearly fell off of our chairs. Sometimes we learn just for fun.

I love learning about new things and hearing real-life stories. BB King is right; no one can take your education away from you.

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