…And Then There’s A Rainbow…

It's very faint, and I used my iPhone and not my Nikon, but it's there—a rainbow.
It’s very faint, and I used my iPhone and not my Nikon, but it’s there—a rainbow.

It hasn’t been a particularly good 2013 so far. There’s been a lot going on in my life personally, and it’s been tough so far. I’m working through it, but you know, life ain’t always easy.

So yesterday, after I blogged about my wicked tornado nightmares as part of the daily prompt that WordPress offers, I ran some errands after work, and as I was pulling into my street, there it was.

A rainbow.

It was such a fitting way to end the day…after referencing “The Wizard of Oz” and talking about nightmares, and after dealing with the chaos that has been my life for the last few months, a rainbow arched over our street.

I will think of it as a sign of hope…and to steal Obama’s former campaign slogan…of change.


  • Mariane

    Obama says also at least 4 years ago “YES WE CAN..” … To me the 2013 kind of been the same as yours – not pretty good to mention it… but those 3 words reminds me – we can survive and we can downsize and get even more and a better life, so “YES We Can”…. I also see the Rainbow as a huge HOPE … we are close to what we want to… 😉 Thanks for sharing Steph

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