What Maggie Smith Brings To “Downton Abbey” was

There is much hype as the anticipation builds for tonight’s season premier of “Downton Abbey.” Most of that spotlight has been grabbed by Shirley MacLaine, as she will be playing the mother of Cora (played by Elizabeth McGovern), Martha Levinson. And while fans are looking forward to seeing the character come to life through MacLaine’s portrayal, this blogger desperately looks forward to Maggie Smith’s return as the Dowager Countess.

The writers of “Downton Abbey” are ingenious. Maggie Smith gets all the brilliant lines, with Robert, played by Hugh Bonneville, in second place. However, I’m pretty confident MacLaine will come in to the picture with robust, enthusiastic dialogue that will make the whole dynamic of the show even brighter (if that’s at all possible). But it’s Maggie Smith’s vigorous lines that keep me completely entertained.

To see some of Maggie Smith’s incredible acting finesse, watch the video, compliments of GPBWeb. She’s tremendous.

And while last season got a little corny in spots (it’s okay; I like corny), and at times even seemed to jump the shark a little (with Matthew’s fiancé conveniently dying), I like the drama the staff and the residents of “Downton Abbey” bring to us every Sunday night.

It’s a treat that’s been well worth the wait.


  • Jack Flacco

    I’ve always loved Elizabeth McGovern’s acting. She’s one of
    the most versatile actresses in Hollywood. I’d only wished other
    production studios would’ve recognize that. However, it’s good
    seeing her working again in something written especially for her.
    And who can deny Shirley MacLaine’s star power stamina? I think the
    pair make a good team. I’m looking forward to seeing what will come
    of the relationship!

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