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BooksigningLast night I spent a delightful evening with a group of women in Clarksville who’d read “Beneath the Mimosa Tree” as its book club choice.

They couldn’t have been more lovely, supportive, and inviting.

We talked a little about the plot, but mostly about what it takes to be a self-published, independent author. I told them the truth: It’s much easier to write it than it is to market it.

I enjoy spending time meeting women around the area at book club talks. It’s such a great way to share a common thread: that we like stories and we like to read.

Thanks for having me, ladies.

 * * *

Tomorrow, Saturday, December 1, Greetings and Readings in Hunt Valley, MD, will host BookFest 2012. Along with 19 other authors, I’ll be saying hi and signing books for people. It’s a great chance to do some holiday shopping and get in the holiday spirit.G&R

As for “Beneath the Mimosa Tree” as a gift—it’s actually the perfect stocking stuffer or gift because much of the story takes place between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Eve.

Have a great weekend, everyone. Hope to see you!

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