Mimosa Trees & Christmas Trees: A Letter From A Reader

Mimosa Tree. Photo credit: Jennifer Bumgarner.

This morning, I thought I’d share a letter I received from a reader.

Dear Stephanie,

I read your novel, “Beneath the Mimosa Tree,” and enjoyed it from the first page to the last. It’s such a perfect read for this time of year!

While your title reflects something that happened “under the tree,” I wanted to tell folks who haven’t read the book what a perfect time of year it is to read this novel. It takes place primarily in the fall season, and moves through Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s. The sweetness of the characters as the plot unfolds makes it a perfect book to cuddle up with as the holidays are approaching. The significance of the holidays in your story is heartwarming, and I hope other readers will feel the same way I did. Your novel is endearing.

Thanks for giving us Annabelle, Michael, and Vivi. I adore them all.

I hope there will be more books to come in the future,


Jenna H., A Fan

* * *

Thanks, Jenna!


In the backyard of the house where I lived with my parents in my formative years, there was a mimosa tree. The tree was leafy, and at night, its little leaves would curl up and go to sleep. By the end of June, the tree was in its full glory, sporting the pink, fuzzy blossoms that make it a treasure.

When people ask my about my book and why I called it “Beneath the Mimosa Tree,” (some people stating that they don’t  know what a mimosa tree is), I tell them that one particular significant moment happens “beneath that tree.” I hung the entirety of the book’s title on that moment.

The original title of it was “Contelli’s Mimosa,” but several people told me it reminded them of the Nicholas Cage movie from many moons ago called, “Captain Corelli’s Mandolin.” When I heard that, I changed the name of the book.

Jenna is absolutely right; most of the novel takes place in the fall straight through New Year’s Eve. Autumn is my favorite season straight through the December holidays. We’ve got pumpkins and Thanksgiving, and even a little Christmas Tree shopping and holiday parties thrown in to set the stage. And, there’s some romance and a wise grandmother to give it some sparkle.

It might actually make a good holiday gift.

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