The Ladies of the Book Club, Ellicott City.

I have three quick words of thanks in today’s very short, but humble, blog post.

First, thank you to last night’s book club. What a welcoming group they were, and my one thought when I walked out the door was, they are lucky to have each other. What a supportive, kind, and sweet group of friends. I enjoyed every minute I spent speaking with them. There was a lot of laughter in the room, and I’m glad everyone thought Michael was “hot.” Thank you, Karen, for hosting, and ladies, I do hope to see you soon.

Second, thank you to the MetaVivor organization for having me at its Author’s Luncheon two weeks ago. MetaVivor raises funds for women with metastic breast cancer. The women I met were warm and inspirational. I was so happy to have been a part of the day. Along with me were local authors, and we discussed all aspects of writing and writing techniques. Authors who were there were as follows: Stacey Bolin, Charles Heller, Janie Suss, Sharon Solomon, Martha Fawcett, and Laura Kaye, who also served as the moderator. A special thank you to organizers Avis, Cathy, and Cindy. I had a great time, ladies.

With author Charlie Heller.

Third, thank you to The Baltimore Book Festival. I am very excited to be a part of this weekend’s exciting festivities. The lineup of authors throughout the weekend is impressive, so if you get a chance, come by for a visit. The event planners are working hard to make this one the best yet.

The Author’s Tent at The Baltimore Book Festival

Hope to see you.

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