Why Journaling Can Be Important

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Yesterday, my colleague, Leeanne, was asking me questions about London and the places I enjoyed visiting during a trip my husband I took there many years ago. She and our department chair, Chip, are taking a group of our students on a Business Communication trip in January to London and the Cotswolds.

Am I ever jealous!

This is going to be something rather special, and I’m so excited that the students have an opportunity like this…to travel abroad…and to take in…some…culture.

Culture. Arts. Literature. Museums. Historic landmarks & sights. It’s important to add a little variety to your life and open your mind to all that travel has to offer.

But what’s most amazing about experiencing culture, new things, travel, and anything else that’s important to you, is your ability to document it. To write it down. Why? Because someday, someone named Leeanne might ask you about a trip you took many years ago, and you’ll be able to once again experience it through your written words.

When I opened up my journal yesterday from fourteen years ago, I loved seeing my handwriting scrawled across the pages. My husband and I would spend the days sightseeing, and during dinner, I’d break out the journal, and we’d relive and record what we’d experienced that day. My journal from our London and Cotswolds trip is rife with people-watching, sights, sounds, flavors, and experiences we had during our two weeks there. I’m so happy I took detailed notes and wrote vividly about our journey. I cherish it as much as I cherish our photo albums, and if my house were burning down, after I ushered my family out, those journals would be something I’d grab.

Leeanne’s apparently happy I journaled, too. I loaned her my precious piece of writing to hopefully help with some possible ideas for the students.

Let’s just hope she and Chip don’t grade me on it.


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