Getting The Boot(s)

The two boots I purchased over the weekend. Now…when to wear them????

It’s September, and here in Maryland on the east coast, we are enjoying gorgeous fall-like, blue-sky, crisp-air weather. I’m not one to go on and on about the weather or weather changes, nor am I glued to The Weather Channel, but I have one particular thing to say: I love it like this.

My friend, Jenny, tells me this is “San Diego weather.” She and her husband lived there for five years, and she claims the weather is one of the best aspects. (I’m glad they enjoyed living there, but I’m not at all sad they don’t reside there anymore. Who else would I go see “Hope Springs” with on a whim at 9:30 last night)?

But this weather leads me to the main idea of this post: Boots. It also leads me to a confession: I am boot obsessed. Just ask my husband, and he’ll concur. (“How many more do you need?”)

To answer his question, I bought two pairs of boots over the weekend at DSW. I scored on one pair—a Steve Madden Luxe black pair of lace-ups with a wedge heel (very hot) that I got for a steal, and a Bandolino tan riding boot with wide calf—I have muscular calves, what can I say?—and sometimes I have trouble fitting into boots made for, well, Jenny legs (she’s tall and very thin. Lucky devil.)

But the question to discuss after getting the boots is this: When is the proper time for east coast girls to break them out and wear them? My rule of thumb personally has always been October 1. However, yesterday I saw women wearing tall boots, and I thought, why not?

In San Diego boots are worn year round.

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