BIG NEWS!!! BENEATH THE MIMOSA TREE Earns Medal in Annual Readers Favorite Contest

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Readers Favorite announced today its selection of winners in its annual Readers Favorite Contest. I am happy (very happy, in fact!) to report that BENEATH THE MIMOSA TREE earned a Bronze Medal, which, believe it or not, appears to be tops in its category. It’s based on a points scoring system, so you have to understand the official way the contest is judged, which is as follows according to the Readers Favorite website:

“We offer up to 4 award levels in each category: Gold, Silver, Bronze, Honorable, as well as a Finalist level. You will notice that not all levels are awarded in each category, despite the record number of entries in this year’s contest. That is because each book is given a score which corresponds to a particular award level. The judges pay no attention to the number of entrants, only the quality of the book being judged. Books that win in multiple categories keep their highest award but remain Finalists in the other categories.” ~ Readers Favorite (click anywhere here to go directly to the website to see the official list of winners!!!)

Nevertheless, BENEATH THE MIMOSA TREE is a medal winner in the contest whereby somewhere in the neighborhood of 50-70 entrants were judged in each category. I’m so proud of this book, and I’m immensely grateful to all my friends and folks I’ve met over the year who’ve been amazing about spreading the word about this little novel; thanks to you, BTMT has a little life of its own.

Michael and Annabelle will be so pleased to hear the news.

Thanks so much for your support everyone.



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