Fall/Winter Wardrobe Checklist As We Continue Fashion Fridays

Today, I decided to post something helpful and useful for my readers for Fashion Friday.

When building a wardrobe, you want to purchase nicer pieces that have staying power for all your staples. You can discard and add the trendy stuff more cheaply, but the staples are the ones you want to be in your closet for a while. Using this checklist will help you put together a very functional, basic wardrobe from which you can add on and get creative.

Just click on the checklist below to print the worksheet. Stuff it in your bag and take it with you when you go shopping. But before you do that, check and see what you have from last year that’s still in good shape and is functional. There is no need to buy new pieces when you already have ones that work. And, this will also help you to create your own style that works for your personality, lifestyle, and career.

I hope it comes in handy for you. I know I’ll be looking at it as I update my fall wardrobe.

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