Kissing My Characters Goodbye: One Last Hurrah

Michael's and Annabelle's Annapolis: How I will miss them.


Yesterday afternoon, I took some time to connect one last time with my novel. By the end of the day today, it should be ready to ship off to the woman who will format it for the Kindle. I’m ready to let go of it, but I needed to have one last moment with these characters who have been a steady part of my life for two years now.

While I won’t get into all the steps that have been necessary to get the novel to its completed state, I will tell you that it feels a little bit like birth and death simultaneously. These characters have been an integral part of my life for a long time, and I know that when I finally let them go, it’s over. They will no longer be mine, but instead, will be yours. I birthed them. And now I must set them free.

I decided to take a spin after I shopped and ate lunch with my mother on the Eastern Shore to Annapolis. I parked the car and took my time strolling around, taking in my surroundings, appreciating one last moment with Michael and Annabelle. Their story starts and ends in Annapolis, with jaunts to London and New York, though the main part of the story takes place in and around Annapolis. I walked their paths, shot photos of where they lived, and generally wanted to see the city of Annapolis from their perspective as a last hurrah.

My mother read the novel and asked me if I had any intention of continuing the story—did I desire a sequel for my characters?

The answer is no. I have no desire to add to this story. This piece of fiction is done. It is their story, and I hope if you chose to read it you will like what unfolds in “Beneath the Mimosa Tree,” and in particular, what happens to my dear “friends,” Michael and Annabelle.

Enjoy the photos that inspired me to write this story of love, friendship, and forgiveness.

"Beneath the Mimosa Tree" - Images that Inspired the Story


Picturing the novel one last time...Michael's and Annabelle's world.


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