Blessings, A Poem of Thanks

Also thankful for the Ellicott City Fire Department and its wonderful holiday train display


For blessings, like children—

their unending energy and smiles;

their innovation and creativity

make us laugh

when we are blue or giddy.

The joy they bring,

the twinkle in their eyes.

For the love of families,

whether we are near or far,

whether we agree or disagree,

whether we understand or don’t understand—

unconditional, sturdy, unwavering love.

Ties that bind. Sustainers and backbones.

Support through grief.

Tidings and merriment.

For our friends,

and the shoulders they offer,

through joy, or pain,

or loss.

The truest of friends make us laugh;

let us cry.

Blessings surprise us, delight us.

A card from an old friend.

Good news. Wishful thoughts.

A hug or a phone call to say thanks or hello.

Or saying goodbye

when you know that it’s time.

But saying hello

when hello means more—

something to be thankful for.

Another blessing to count.

~Happy Thanksgiving, 2011.

Stephanie (copyright, Stephanie Verni)

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