The Top 10 Things that Give Me Agita

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The word “agita” is Italian slang, though Merriam-Webster lists it as a word in the online dictionary. We typically say the word when something gives us anxiety or leaves us feeling unsettled.


10. The New Jersey Turnpike when you have a special event to attend and it’s shut down at Exit 4, 5, 6…(one can only guess where the big closure might be)…causing you to detour, be creative with a map, and finagle your way to your destination, praying you won’t be THAT LATE (or miss it).

9. A broken toilet seal, the result of which causes your toilet to overflow, soak the floor of the bathroom, and drip through the ceiling onto your dining room table (as is happening right now, a large bucket rescuing the drops).

8. When students tell you that something you asked them to read is “long” at twenty pages.

7. Not knowing how or when you will bump into someone you’d really rather not bump into at all. Ever.

6. Watching your kid pitch…for the first, second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth, etc. time. It never gets any easier and you’re thankful you still have fingernails.

5. People who have absolutely NO IDEA how to maneuver a three-way stop, especially in parking lots.

4. People who think they are more important than you in rush hour when they decided to ride the shoulder to advance just a few cars in front of you.

3. Getting violently yelled at by an impatient older woman behind you in the express line at Safeway when you permit an elderly woman who has a walker (and can barely stand) to go in front of you as an act of kindness.

2. Flying with a migraine headache.

1. Putting your written work out there for folks to critique.

What gives you agita? I’d love to hear what makes you anxious…or want to throw up your lunch.


  • Elizabeth Johnson

    1. Having only 16 more days until the October 17th deadline and having still about 3-4 months worth of work to meet that deadline for your clients. While trying to celebrate and enjoy two of my three boys birthdays, as well as mine.

    2. Having three boys who have stinky sport equipment

    3. Having to be the “cruise director” for those three boys with their school deadlines and practices/games times. NEVER ENDING and it is my fault if something gets screwed up.

    This was a fun venting excercise for a Monday morning-Thanks!!!

  • Stacey

    1. Driving with my husband on 95 in traffic.
    2. Trying to get a seat on Southwest when I don’t get an A number.
    3. Being the mother of a lacrosse goalie.

  • ErynLockhart

    1. Having my father look me straight in the face and condemn my life choices for “doing nothing but playing on the computer all day”. I’m an author and a graphic design artist. I telecommute.

    2. Reading the final book in a trilogy–then having it play out like the prologue to a new series, & an afterthought to the original story arc.

    3. Finally getting to the cashier after waiting in packed lines at checkout in a grocery store, then realizing I don’t have my cash, debit card, ect…on me.

  • emtieman

    Finally getting caught up on your blog… Top things that give me agita….

    My daughter arguing with everything I say.

    No sleep because I am trying to get an assignment done (this is a daily occurrence)

    When I’m not completely organized.. color-coded and everything.

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