Today, my husband started a new job. I’m sure he’s going to be quite happy and successful in his new position with his new company. Change isn’t always simple; there are always those butterflies that get us as the change comes to pass. I remember my first full-time day on the job as a full-time professor. I had a ton of nervous and excited energy dwelling within me. Going back to work full-time after staying home with my kids when they were little was a big change for me. But, as my kids were in school full-time, I became bored at home; it was time for me to get back to work, and I’m so glad I took that plunge. I have quite a fulfilled working life.

So as I’m thinking about my husband today, it makes me realize how we must adapt to both the big and small changes we encounter. Nothing stays the same, though change isn’t always easy and sometimes takes a great deal of adapting until it feels right. Or it may take courage. Or a gentle push. Or words of encouragement to help that person make the change he or she wants to make (like Michael Jackson sings).

I was thinking of expressions and thoughts where the word “change” is at the heart of its meaning. Below are some of the ones I came up with:

  1. Change your mind.
  2. Change your underwear.
  3. Change of address.
  4. Change schools.
  5. Change your name. (This is especially applicable to celebrities, married or divorced folks, and those who write under a pen name).
  6. Change your hair.
  7. Change your clothes.
  8. Change your attitude.
  9. Change of décor.
  10. Change a diaper.
  11. Change classes.
  12. Change majors.
  13. Change costumes.
  14. Change of scenery.
  15. Change the subject.
  16. Change of season.
  17. Change of plans.
  18. Change of habit.
  19. Change of ownership.
  20. Change of atmosphere.
  21. Make change.
  22. Change of relationship status (Hello, Facebook. I bet you see the most “changes” with regard to this than anything else!)
  23. Change of heart.

At the heart of every good novel is some kind of conflict with (usually) a resulting change that occurs. Hopefully, that change is for the better with regard to our protagonists, though with antagonists, that change can alter them and make them forever evil. Either way, it’s the change that we look for to help us understand the characters. Think of a favorite book you’ve read recently. What was the change your favorite character underwent? What change occurred? I’m sure there are some you liked better than others.

Anyway, I’m sure I’ve missed some. Feel free to let me know what I’ve left out.

I’ll make the changes.


  • Elizabeth Johnson

    We were informed on Friday that my company will sell our division to another company on 7/15. They say it will be “business as usual” but I will be interested in what changes will actually occur. As always I look forward to change and am excited for the positive changes that we will experience by being owned by someone else. But there is always that fluttering feeling in your stomach no matter how much you say you can handle change when you have to think about the unknown. In the long run change is good for everyone as it keeps us becoming bored or boring.

  • Amanda

    On change……I always think about the fact that if you don’t make things change, change will happen to you instead of for you.

    And, the hardest–but often most important thing– we can change is ourselves.

  • Stacey Haines

    Thanks for the thoughts. My husband has just gone through a career change and I have supported him 100%, but change is scarey. Best of luck to everyone in the middle of change, especially Anthony and David.

  • Jim

    Here’s a favorite of mine….from Rush’s song “Circumstances”:

    Plus ca change
    Plus c’est la meme chose
    The more that things change
    The more they stay the same

  • blythe

    a little late to the party here, steph, congrats on your blog and look forward to reading more. I’m embracing a big change to come into my life in 7 weeks – yikes. Loved # 2 here – good luck Anthony in his new endeavor! Miss all of you

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