Sharing News About a Book Award :-)

First, let me start by saying that I’m so happy to hear how The Letters in the Books has touched so many hearts. I continue to hear from readers that they loved the story, and that it made them want to do more acts of kindness. That truly touches my heart, so thank you for letting me know how the book has affected you.

Second, because of that, I entered the book into the annual Readers’ Favorite Contest, and am happy to report that the novel came in third, earning a Bronze Medal in the category of Inspirational Fiction. As a teacher for 30 years and as someone who loves to write, I see it as one of my gifts to try my best to inspire others. Therefore, this award in this category makes me incredibly happy.

Third, and this is directed to anyone who has a goal in life—my advice is simple: never stop going for it. Whether you touch 10 or 10,000 hearts, keep doing what you love, because somewhere down the line someone will tell you something like this: “Because of this book, I wrote letters at Christmas to all my favorite people telling them how much I love them.”

And that makes it all worthwhile.

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About the novel:

Can a handwritten letter found inside a book change the course of your life? Empath Meg Ellis believes it can. One snowy evening in early December on the night of Midnight Madness, a kick-off to the holiday season in Annapolis, Maryland, four downtrodden people walk into Meg’s bookstore at different times throughout the evening and become recipients of her inspirational letters. Over the course of a year, Meg’s clandestine, handwritten letters help positively change the trajectory of these vulnerable characters’ lives. Before long, Eva Levoni, Reid Jones, Lily Webster, and Dimitri Vassos become connected; prior to that night, they were not. Friendships form, romances bud, and their bonds become strong. Additionally, Meg’s backstory reveals why she takes the time to write the letters of encouragement—a handwritten letter she received years prior following the death of a beloved cousin. Meg, too, finds herself on a journey of her own.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

About the author:

STEPHANIE VERNI is the author of THE LETTERS IN THE BOOKS; FROM HUMBUG TO HUMBLE: THE TRANSFORMATION OF EBENEZER SCROOGE; BENEATH THE MIMOSA TREE; INN SIGNIFICANT; LITTLE MILESTONES; THE POSTCARD; and ANNA IN TUSCANY. She is also a co-author of the textbook, EVENT PLANNING: COMMUNICATING THEORY & PRACTICE. Currently an adjunct professor at Stevenson University Online, she instructs communication courses for undergraduate and graduate students. She and her husband reside in Severna Park, Maryland, and have two children. On the side, she enjoys writing travel articles for

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