A Nutty Story as a Metaphor for Life

Two weeks ago, I couldn’t see straight, and I got tied up in knots about something. So let’s start at the beginning and make it really quick.

Two years ago, in an effort to make our front lawn look as good as possible, we decided to have the lawn replaced and sodded. The sodding looked great, and it was refreshing to see a front lawn free of weeds and the dreaded nutsedge that had enveloped our lawn for several years.

Nutsedge is a nuisance. If you don’t know what it is, it looks like long pieces of grass, but thicker, that grow above and beyond your normal grass. It sticks up and makes the lawn look unkempt. The worst part is, it takes over the lawn and multiplies faster than rabbits.

We had called our lawn maintenance company to come out and take care of said nutsedge that began to grow into our beautiful sodded lawn. When they were taking too long to respond, I got out there, like a crazed woman, and pulled every damn piece of nutsedge from the front lawn. (Why didn’t I just spray it, you ask? Well, because last time we did it, we killed the nutsedge and a lot of the grass as well, so I was leery.)

Frenzied, I pulled and pulled until I had a bag full of the enemy and a sore back and knees.

The next day, the lawn maintenance company showed up.

As I look back on that moment when I couldn’t take it anymore and sweat my brains out pulling the nutsedge blade by blade, I have to laugh now. I must have looked absolutely ridiculous. As well, I have to relate it to the life lesson I learned.

It’s pretty simple.

If the nutsedge is a metaphor for life, it’s that we can’t let things have power over us. Things get sorted in the end, so there’s no sense in wasting hours of your life frantically trying to fix it at the moment. Sometimes things get resolved in their own time.

Likewise, don’t let your little problems consume you.

That, my friends, is the lesson I learned, as I practically killed myself pulling freaking nutsedge in 94 degree weather.

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