Writing Away

I haven’t been as diligent about writing for my blog as I have been in the past. It makes me feel a little guilty, because I’ve always put so much energy and time into my blog. However, there are good reasons for my absence, so allow me to explain:

Working in my summer office.
  1. The semester ended in mid-May. I can honestly say that after working in education throughout a pandemic and teaching a full load + of courses online, it was more challenging than normal. Obviously, we have all been affected by this situation and our work lives were altered quite a bit, but the energy it took to produce, deliver, and grade remotely was a lot more work over the last three semesters than I expected. Additionally, I took on the role of instructor for the course called The Villager, our online newspaper. The students and I persevered, and I appreciated all their efforts, but again, teaching it all remotely required more time in front of a computer than I ever imagined.
  2. I’ve picked up a couple of other writing projects. I’m writing for our community magazine, Severn River Living, and as well, I just wrote my first article for a travel publication in Maryland. I will share the link when the story is published. I’ve also started to write the next piece for the travel publication.
  3. As I near the end of editing my 6th work of fiction, I am hearing back from beta readers and editors. I’ve made some tweaks to the manuscript, and now I’m in the process of polishing my query letter as I begin to send it out to publishers and agents. I’m excited, scared, nervous, and mentally prepared for the commentary that will come, be it rejections or rewards, and I’ll face each as it comes. I just felt it was time to attempt to go the traditional route. If nothing comes of it, I will publish again myself, but I’m hoping that is not the case. Being an independent author has its pluses and minuses, that’s for sure.
  4. I’ve started writing my 7th work of fiction—a idea that struck me over the Christmas holiday—and I’m finally starting to mold that story. This one’s exciting me so much, and I want to get it just right.

For those three reasons, I’ve gone a little dark on the blog. I’m sorry for that, but as these things are brewing, they require so much of my time. Not to mention that I am an active marketer and promoter of my brand on social media platforms, namely for me, Instagram. Incidentally, I just changed my handle to @stephanieverniwrites to showcase all the different projects I’m working on. If you’d like to hear about my books, you can visit my Instagram video by clicking here to see the video about my work.

I hope you all are staying busy and enjoying coming out of lockdown. It’s so good to see people’s faces again!

Be well, and I’ll pop in soon.




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