My 5th Novel Has a Name (at least for now)

Working on completing my newest novel.

Today, it’s official. I have a book title. I have a copyrighted ISBN number. I have a “mood” for the cover. And while I am going to seek traditional publishing this time around and solicit an agent to represent me, I still need to go through this process to help move in the right direction and keep me motivated should I venture down the self-publishing road again.

The characters in this novel are not only in my head, but in my soul. Each one is a part of me, and a part of you, and a part of everyone we have met along the way. With five main characters, a beautiful setting, and an empath who uses letters to communicate with people who are hurting, this story has forced me to think from different perspectives—from both the male and female perspective.

It’s easy to get down on your projects when you can’t spend as much time working on them as you would like. I often fantasize about being able to take a month or two away, writing in a beautiful location, to finish the process and get the story finished. Being able to fully immerse yourself in the characters would be an absolute treat. Unfortunately, I can’t make that fantasy come true, so I have to dig into my project when I can, and make the most of the time I get.

I’ve said this about every book I’ve written…that it comes from a place of needing to write and offering readers hope about life. So often, we lose hope. I’ve been in that boat for several months now as I’ve struggled with health issues and wonder if I’ll ever feel the way I used to feel. It’s downright depressing, actually, so being able to spend some time in fiction is a great place to be…crafting my story has given me a sense of purpose through this journey, and as I always say, Life Is Better in Fiction.

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