The Annual Birthday Post Turned Poem

The Annual Birthday Post Turned Poem

The hour has finally arrived, my friends
Another birthday is here
I’d love to scream with joy and glee
But aging’s what I fear

Growing old’s a gift, it’s true
To live your life in full
It should be sunshine and roses
But a lot of it’s just bull

Aging isn’t always bliss
My back’s a pain in the ass
It’s taking away from me having fun
And affecting all of my sass

The lines on my face do show some wear
And I jiggle way more than I’d like
The greys in my hair are plentiful, too
So I escape when I can on my bike

On your birthday, you face all your good
But you also must face all your faults
Like the time you made a bad choice or two
Or you drank one too many malts

The best part about a birthday, you see
Is that birthdays come and they go
And you realize you learn more every day
And how little you really do know.

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