Facing Monday


Hello, Monday, I see we meet again. We have come face-to-face for another round.

I’m not intimidated by you this week. In week’s past, I may have been. But this week will be productive. There’s a lot to accomplish, so I hope you are ready..First, we have to allow for some time to be creative and work on the new story. Something clicked last week as I was writing my characters for this novel. I realized how vested I am in the project and in Meg, Eva, Lily, Reid and Nick. I like all of them, and while they may have some struggles they’re dealing with at the beginning of the book, I’m now at the part where they are beginning to overcome the obstacles that have made them miserable, sad, or feeling dejected. The plot has shifted slightly, and it’s beginning to gel. I LOVE that feeling.

I love a good story about good people rising above the muck, don’t you? I swear…there’s enough angst, anger, sadness, and frustration in the world right now. I’m here to provide an uplifting story that empowers us all to be better and to do better.

Writing Reid’s chapter today.

Along with writing the novel, there’s also the responsibilities I have as a professor who is getting ready for all sorts of circumstances this fall as an educator. We find ourselves in unchartered waters, and we must have a lot of contingency plans in place. But I count myself very, very lucky to be connected with such a wonderful institution and the best Faculty Fellows anyone could ask for. We are working hard for our fellow faculty, under the slogan “for the faculty, by the faculty.” Despite the health restrictions, we are committed to offering our students the best education possible.


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  • Terrigirl2020

    Monday is always a tough one for me Steph! I just need to get in the mindset of trying to make it just like every other day of the week though. Thanks for your commitment to students as a professor and helping them to get back to learning. It’s great that you are writing a novel, sounds exciting to me! I will also try and listen to some of your podcasts. Have a beautiful Tuesday, Terri xo.

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